When You Are Discouraged

Do you ever have days when you get so discouraged. You think, what am I doing? Am I doing any good in the world? Then someone reaches out and touches your heart and you realize, all is well with the world. I received a letter of reference that truly touched my heart and gave me the courage to keep on going. Here it is:

I have worked closely with Laura Coleman on many occasions over the last 3 years. While I was employed with Family Resource Agency I worked as Special Projects Manager. I had the opportunity to plan Head Start Parent Meetings and Trainings. I asked Mrs. Coleman to speak to my Head Start parents several times.

Head Start is a federally funded program that educates children ages birth to five years old. In addition to helping the children, Head Start prides itself in helping the entire family. This holistic approach makes Head Start very successful in helping both educate children in need and break the cycle of poverty by teaching parents to better take care of themselves. Head Start offers training for parents based on what they need. Financial training is most always at the top of the list!

As a trainer, Mrs. Coleman has a wonderful ability to break down finances and budgeting to a level that’s easy for a novice to understand while still engaging the attention of a more seasoned investor. When she trains, everyone involved learns something useful.  In addition to being a wonderful financial mentor to Head Start parents, she‘s very pleasant to be around. I had the pleasure of serving with her on the Policy Council this past year. When the Chairperson could not be there, Mrs. Coleman jumped in as acting Chairperson showing professionalism and flexibility. She does a great job in any capacity speaking to people!!

Respectfully signed,

Laura Lloyd Boyd

Former Special Projects Manager

Family Resource Agency/TN Head Start

Seriously the nicest letter I have received in a very long time. It puts a smile on my face to know that I’m making a difference.

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