What’s Your Side Hustle?

Yesterday I was speaking to my neighbor about the Total Eclipse that we experienced. She mentioned that her son lived just north of us right in the ideal path. A guy in his town sold 400 camping sites for $50 a piece as a prime place to watch the Total Eclipse. My jaw dropped. That is the BEST side hustle. Are you kidding me? He just made $20,000. I was seriously impressed at the forethought of this guy.

I meet so many people that complain about not having enough money because they are in debt or they wish they had more in savings. Stop giving EXCUSES. Start thinking about solutions. What’s your side hustle? What resource do you have that you could use as a side hustle? Like the guy in Eastern Tennessee that used his property to earn $20,000. I grew up in Illinois and I loved going to the State Fair. Homes and schools near the State Fair had paid parking from $3-$6 per car. That’s 15 days of cash cow right there.

I recently wrote a blog about having an Airbnb. This will take a little bit of work to get that basement apartment or your extra house on the Airbnb website, but the extra money is worth it. You could also advertise your rental on Zillow. Hotpads allows you to advertise your rental and look for a roommate. When I was single, I rented my house out and used the roommate money to pay off my car loan. I’ve heard the excuses: I just can’t live with a roommate because they don’t clean the house like I like it or I don’t like to live with people that I can’t get along with, or it’s hard to find someone you can trust. That’s where you put things in place beforehand to remove all of those excuses.

Roommate won’t clean? — Hire a housekeeper to come in weekly/monthly and put the expense in the rent.

Roommate is stonewalling me? — Put the contract on a 30 day contract instead of a 1 year contract. This way you can give notice without having to break a contract.

Think outside the box to find the money needed to save for your emergency fund or pay off your debt.

I love to hear stories about savvy financial people that are thinking outside of the box to create their own side hustle. They are using their talents and hobbies to create an income on top of their 40 hour a week job or their 24/7 job as a mom. I know a pastor that designs wood states. He designed the state of Illinois with the words HOME and the state of Tennessee with the words SWEET HOME on them for me. I have them displayed in my living room. I bought chocolate smelling soap and lotion from a friend that makes it in her spare time. The rest of the time she owns a store that sells uniforms. Another friend nannies other kids at her house because she has a young child as well.

What kind of side hustle do you do?

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