Love Is A VERB

A verb requires ACTION. To love someone requires you to DO something about it. It’s not butterflies or giddy feelings, although it might start off like that. My grandparents were a perfect example of love for me. I remember my grandma sitting on my grandpa’s lap and calling him “Buddy” and giving him a kiss on the cheek. My grandpa said, “Make sure you do the little thing to let someone know you love them.” She would peel his orange for him, cut his hair, make his favorite dessert for him, and watch out for him. He would wash the dishes after she cooked, pump the gas for her car, tell her how beautiful she was, and make the dinner salad. They were married 73 years when my grandpa passed away. They showed me that love was a VERB.

When you begin the process to adopt or go through fertility, you are going to experience a great deal of emotions. To help you with your emotions around money here are a few Pro Tips to help you through that process.

Pro Tip #1: Introduce Money Talk

Money Talk is not discussing your bills. It’s discussing your expectations, your needs, your desires, and your dreams for your money. Take 15 minutes a week to express these things, so you feel fulfilled. Dr John Lund talks about setting a timer during the 15 minutes, 7.5 minutes for each person. Understanding your spouses needs, dreams, and expectations can assist you in Loving as a VERB.

Pro Tip #2: Date Night

Setting aside money each month for Date Night will change your marriage. Fun and Creative Dates for Married Couples¬†was a book I gave my husband when we first got married. If you click on the link, you’ll find it for $1.99, which is a steal. For two people that aren’t creative, it’s helped give us ideas of things to do for fun. I also joined a group called Dating Divas to help give me ideas for Date Night. I enjoy reading their emails and newsletters. I haven’t purchased their packages, but they look like a lot of fun. They are on my One Day list.

If money for Date Night isn’t a part of your monthly spending plan, why not? What’s stopping you from living your life with intention? Make Love a VERB in your life by planning to spend money on things that you value, like a strong marriage.

Pro Tip #3

Decide which value you want to emphasize this month and make a goal towards making it a part of your life. How much do you need to set aside each month to make that value a goal? Set up a savings account just for that goal. Go ahead, you can do it. Start living with intention, make Love a VERB.

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