10 Steps For Your Adoption/Fertility Goal

This week I was driving kids to school and I heard the following conversation.

My 6 year old, “Mommy, this morning we saw a deer.”

“A REINDEER!!!” My 4 year old says.

“No,” his sister say, “They aren’t real.”

“Yes, they are,” I interject.

“Can they fly?”, she wanted to know.

“Nope”, I reply.

“Is Santa real?”, she asks next.

“Do you think he is?”, I ask with some concern as to how to handle this delicate situation. Do I destroy her belief in Santa or perpetuate the myth?

“No,” she says with some smarty pants in her voice.

“Well, I’ll be sure to tell Santa not to bring you any presents this year.” I say with some cunning.

“NOOOOO!!!” She howls.

This conversation is EXACTLY why I wanted to be a mom. Moments like this will stick with me even during the times when I shake my head and think, “WHY are you so sassy?!” Would you have said something different? How did you plan on telling your kids about Santa? Let me know in the chat box.

What’s your motivation to bring children into your family? What is prompting you to take this difficult journey? Do you have a plan in place yet?

I can tell you that one day you’ll have the Santa conversation and you’ll be grateful you stuck with your goal of being parents. To help you on your journey, here are 10 ideas to help you reach your goal of being a Forever Family.

  1. Know your motivation
  2. Set Realistic Goals
  3. Know WHEN and HOW MUCH $
  4. Keep a visual reminder
  5. Track your progress monthly
  6. Report to an accountability partner
  7. Don’t become discouraged
  8. Create multiple sources of income
  9. Communicate weekly your Needs and Expectations
  10. Celebrate your successes

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