How To Use The IRS Withholding Calculator to FIND Money

I’m in love with calculators. There’s something satisfying with someone else calculating some numbers and coming up with the answer. You have to understand that I hated math in high school. If it wasn’t for the super cute teacher that looked like Superman, I probably would have hated it even more. That’s why it’s so ironic that I love talking about money. I love going over someone’s finances and piecing the puzzle together. The day that I realized that I was using Algebra as a Financial Coach, I was aghast. What do you mean I’m actually using something I learned in high school and HATED?

Maybe I love it so much now because I’m actually solving a problem and not calculating how far or fast a train has traveled. Who cares!? But I do care about finding ways to save someone money. It’s like this high that I get and I do a little dance. Like, oh yeah, oh yeah.

In this video, I show you how to use the IRS Withholding Calculator to “find” money. Stop giving your money to Uncle Sam when you need it to accomplish your goal. You want a Forever Family, right?! Well, let’s find the money to help you get there. This is just ONE way.

Check out the video to see how I helped a client find $300 a month.

Depending on your goal, you’ll need to decide where to put that money once you’ve “found” it. When we did fertility, we put the money in our Health Savings Account because we got the tax deduction and we could use the HSA to pay for the fertility procedure. For all the benefits of an HSA and what it can be used for, check out this website.

If you are adopting, look into a higher yield money market account. Check out NerdWallets list of money market accounts. You don’t want to put your money in a mutual fund, ETF, or stock because of market volatility. You also want to be earning a better return than your short term savings account.

Do you have questions about what to do with the money you save or need help “finding” more money? Schedule a 15 min FREE phone call with me.

Who are you using for your money market account? Let us know in the comment box below. Maybe you have an HSA company that you really like and would like to share that with others.

Let me know how much you’ll “find” by using the IRS Withholding Calculator and changing your W-4 form through your HR department at work. I love hearing success stories. The person with the highest amount wins bragging rights. Leave a reply in the comments below.  Go take 5 minutes to use this fabulous calculator. Stop what you are doing and fill it out. What’ll it hurt?

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