Overcoming Financial Obstacles of an International Adoption


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Join Laura Coleman at Family Money Coaching as she interviews Melody Johnson about how to prepare for an international adoption. Melody shares that adopting internationally is a huge financial, emotional, and time investment, but that it is worth it when you hold that child in your

Creating a Vision for the Adoption Process

Melody explains why she chose the Philippines to adopt from. She explains how important choosing an adoption agency is and what to look for in an international adoption agency.
Melody and Laura discuss key parts of the vision for the adoption process, including:
● What kind of lifestyle you want for your family
● What experiences you want your child to have
● How finances will play a part in your life before, during, and after the adoption process

International Adoption Obstacles

Melody explains some of the adoption obstacles that she didn’t know about, including:
● Misunderstanding the adoption fees and how they’re paid
● What the expectations are for each process
● How important it is to have a good relationship with your agency so that they can explain the fees
● Why it’s important to have a specific fund or account for the adoption
● Why having a timeline will help you know how much needs to be saved and when

Making Your HSA Work For You

Laura and Melody share how saving money in an HSA is important, and why you should start using it BEFORE you adopt.

Strengthening the Marriage Will Pay Dividends

Melody gives some ideas about how she grew closer to her husband in a fun way during the adoption process. She explains why communication styles matter when discussing finances.
Melody shares how she sets aside time every week to discuss finances with her husband and how it’s helped her marriage.

Surprise Income Obstacles

Melody discusses how a job change will affect the adoption home study. Laura and Melody discuss the stress of working while trying to adopt, and how that affects your career.

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To read more about Melody’s journey, follow her Here.

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