What do a Clinical Social Worker and a Financial Coach say about marriage, money, and fertility?


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Laura Coleman interviews Daniel Eck, MS, LCPC, a clinical professional counselor with 6 years of experience. They talk about how to keep a marriage strong during fertility. They discuss some of the unique emotional challenges that couples undergoing fertility deal with and Daniel suggests some healthy coping mechanisms.

How do husbands and wives come together as a team during fertility?

In the beginning of a marriage, a couple may mistake their similar values as the same values. When they realize they will need to address fertility challenges, they may realize that they are not quite on the same page. How do couples navigate these difficult conversations and expectations?

How to communicate when you feel all the feelings

Daniel and Laura talk about assertive communication and the importance of meaning what you say. Daniel talks about the importance of leading with emotions, talking about how you feel, and asking for what you need from the other person. Laura gives some real life examples from her counseling experiences.

What can you do when one spouse becomes disengaged?

Daniel shares ideas for resolving separation mentality. He reminds listeners that as human beings, it’s okay to be emotional and irrational as we navigate these difficult conversations. He warns that no premarital counseling ever really prepares couples to go through fertility.

Focus on your fertility WHY

Laura encourages couples to focus on the WHY behind their fertility journey. Daniel and Laura discuss the importance of becoming equal partners in a marriage, and avoiding the unhealthy parent/child or employer/employee relationship dynamics. Daniel talks about the importance of recognizing and acting on a partner’s “bids”.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms during fertility treatments

Daniel shares how couples can deal with the stress of fertility by:

  • Having regular, planned date nights
  • Having scheduled check-ins with a partner
  • Seeing things from a holistic viewpoint,
  • Playing a board game
  • Watching a movie
  • Finding a way to have fun with your spouse
  • Exercising regularly
  • Accepting that you cannot control your life
  • Embracing the ambiguity

Daniel encourages couples to connect with others’ going through the same experiences. You are not alone as you experience fertility treatments. You can draw strength from other people in similar circumstances.

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