30 Day Christmas Money Challenge

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Two weeks ago my 4 year old informed me that he wanted a pterodactyl for Christmas. This came after a call from my mother-in-law one day. “Hey, I’m at Goodwill and Jack has found a T-Rex and he won’t let go of it. I know you say he doesn’t need more things, but his heart is set on this. I want you to know that it’s big. It’s about as tall as him, but he just loves it. There’s another lady eyeing it and if he lets go of it, I know she’s going to snatch it up. Plus, Jack just loves this dinosaur. It’s only $3. Can I buy it for him?”

I only had a moment to think because I was about 2 minutes away from starting a podcast interview. These were the thoughts that ran through my head in the minute it took her to hurriedly ask me the above question. “What the heck, more toys? This kid doesn’t need more dinosaurs. He just got a T-Rex for his birthday a few weeks ago. I need to go through the boxes of toys we currently have strewn across the floor in their bedroom right now. They had dumped them out while looking for a specific dinosaur or truck that they had to have to play outside. But, it’s only $3 and we all know my mother-in-law can afford to splurge. Holy cow, that kid has her wrapped around his little finger! Just do it, Laura, say yes.”

So, I said yes and when he got home, I saw what joy this $3 dinosaur brought to my sweet little boy. He’s played non stop with this dinosaur. He can ride it, it makes noises, and lights up. He was sitting there playing with it and he discovered that it lit up, he jumped up and down and shouted, “YEAH!!” and then proceeded to do a little dance. It tickled me to death to see his happiness. (What if we hadn’t had our miscarriage in July 2015 and we hadn’t fostered and adopted our boys in September 2015? I wouldn’t have had this moment. I realize that out of sorrow we can have joy.)

So, when he informed me that he wanted a pterodactyl for Christmas, I rolled my eyes while not looking at him and said, “well, you better tell Santa.” I’m hoping he changes his mind in the next 2 months because kids are fickle like that. We don’t need ANOTHER dinosaur.

Christmas can derail all of our best laid plans for our goals. Your goal of saving money for adoption and fertility is present in your mind and you can lose track of this goal if you don’t stop for a minute and think about how you are going to fund Christmas.

In September I met Rob and Melissa from Flea Market Flippers. I was searching for a seat during lunch at FinCon and saw an empty seat next to them. Because I’m super chatty and totally interested in hearing people’s stories, I started asking them about themselves. They talked about how they do flea market flipping full time. This peaked my interest because I was raised by really frugal parents that would totally do something unique like this, so I asked them questions.

Well, they are having a FREE 30 day Christmas Money Challenge that starts November 1st.

What does the 30-day challenge consist of? 

Live weekly trainings on: – finding – listing &- shipping items


Income producing flipping activities

& your flipping questions answered!

I’m totally excited to learn from the masters of Flea Market Flipping. Who is up for the challenge?! Go to our Paying for Adoption private Facebook group and let’s talk about what we are doing to raise the funds for Christmas. I’d also love to hear how you are utilizing those skills to raise money for your goal of adoption or fertility.

Check out the above video where I talk about what you should discuss during your Money Date as you plan for Christmas. If you want a copy of the agenda that I mention in the video, download it for FREE here.

Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE 30 day Christmas Money Challenge and learn how to FIND, LIST, and FLIP your way to $250 or more for Christmas!

Don’t forget that the 30 Day Christmas Money Challenge starts on November 1st, so don’t put it off!!!

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  1. So you think we are frugal? Ask about some of our adventures finding extra money. We have fun and that counts for a lot.

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