Book Review of Jen Sincero’s You Are a Bad*** At Making Money

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I’ve teamed up with Devon Baeza, a fertility financial coach, to talk about our Money Mindset once a month on Family Money Coaching’s podcast. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast, so you don’t miss out on our conversation. Next week we talk about Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Bad*** at Making Money”.

I didn’t own a copy of the book, so I did some research and bought the cheapest because that’s how I roll. The paperback is your most cost effective. You can find your own copy of the book through this link.

I am naturally a prude, so when Devon suggested we talk about this book, I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the title. She just raved about the author and how the book changed her life. She told me that she was going to the book signing in January. I thought, well, it must be really good if you are going to that much effort. It was.

pic from Jen Sincero

I found myself taking the book while I waited at the mechanics shop to get the oil changed and while I waited in the pickup line at school. I’m grateful I had my pen handy because I’ve begun marking up the pages. I even used sticky notes, which I haven’t done since college. I wanted to be totally prepared to talk to Devon about the book and our money mindsets. 

Devon told me that she keeps a Money Journal after reading You Are A Bad*** At Making Money. At the end of each chapter are exercises that help you explore your relationship with money. One of the lessons suggests you list 5 main things you remember your parents telling you about money. In our podcast next week, both Devon and I discuss one memory we have about money from our childhood. The Money Journal will give you the opportunity to look back at what you’ve learned and see how you’ve changed.>

I was a faithful journal writer for many years while I was single. Sadly, I’ve parted from being faithful, but after conversing with Devon for the podcast interview, I realized that I needed to repent and start writing again. Writing gives you clarity. When you write about money, it can also help you gain reality. When I wrote in my journal, I put down dreams and hopes, experiences that pained me, and things I wanted to accomplish. When I put it down on paper, my bad experiences didn’t seem as bad as I imagined. It also committed me to my dreams.

In 2007, I wanted to be totally debt free. I wrote in my journal my concrete plan of renting out my house, buying another one to renovate and sell, and obtaining a roommate to help me pay off my car loan and have money in an emergency fund. I also wrote that I wanted a boyfriend. Unfortunately we don’t have control over other people, so the boyfriend took a long time to meet me. It wasn’t until 2010 that I met my husband. In the meantime, I focused on what I could change.

I often went back to my journal to ponder what it was that I wanted to accomplish. I made plans to accomplish my dreams and make them a goal that was completed. I imagined what life would be like on the other side of my goal. I thought about how I would feel, the confidence I would have, and the freedom I would obtain. Those emotions are what propelled me towards my goal of being debt free.

Our thoughts trigger our emotions instagram post

In the book, Jen Sincero mentions that our thoughts trigger our emotions. “This is how people in wheelchairs climb mountains and those who grow up in extreme poverty become rich- they consider their thoughts to be the truth, regardless of how their “reality” my appear, get all worked up into an excited tizzy about it, and make it happen.”

This particular section of the book really struck me deep. Positive thoughts will bring you what you desire and negative thoughts will push them away. I look back on my life and I think of moments that I just knew everything something was going to happen. Jen Sincero gives 5 ways our thoughts work.

  1. Intuition
  2. Synchronicity
  3. Inspiration
  4. Desire
  5. Coincidence

My first thought I had when I read about Intuition was Melinda Simmons. In our podcast, she mentioned that when she heard about Chipstarter, that she just KNEW that she was going to get the money. She then put into action her thought and now she has a check from Chipstarter for $16,023 to assist her family with adopting Ezra.

Synchronicity happens to me in moments when I have time to think. It’s the strangest feeling to think about someone you haven’t seen in 5 years and then suddenly you get an email or phone call from them. I often say, “Were your ears burning because I was just thinking or talking about you?”

Inspiration was a tool to help me earn $15,000. I was looking for a new home to buy. My realtor provided me a list of properties in my price range. We went to each one, but nothing felt right. One day I was looking online and I found a townhome that was in foreclosure. I felt that I needed to look up the market value and the tax value. The home was selling for $30,000 below the tax bill and homes in that area were selling for around the same as the taxbill. Suddenly I knew that this was the place I needed to buy. Two years later, after remodeling the place, I sold it and made $15,000. That money created my emergency fund and paid for my wedding.

Desire came in 2013 when I saw a little girl sitting in front of me at church. Maybe it was a little bit of intuition as well, but I knew I was supposed to be her mom. I didn’t know how and I certainly didn’t know when, but I felt that impression very strongly. It wasn’t until 9 months later when I received another impression that I should go on medical leave while I did IVF and then a month later the impression that I should quit my great paying job, that the situation manifested itself for us to adopt her. That desire within me was so real and so strong. It took a great deal of faith and steps into the darkness for that desire to become a reality.

Coincidence- I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe things happen for reasons, even though they seem like a coincidence. Was it a coincidence that I was on medical leave when this little girl needed a place to stay and I was free to take her? Was it a coincidence that I had met an adoption attorney at a women’s networking group just months before? Was it a coincidence that this little girl looks just like my mom? How is it possible to adopt a child that looks like your own mother? Coincidence? You decide.

Maddie and Grandma look alike

In your Money Journal, I want you to think about these 5 thoughts and write down moments when you’ve felt intuition, synchronicity, Inspiration, desire, and coincidence and write it down for you to review in the future. During your adoption and fertility process, you will experience all of those thoughts, you’ll want to remember them later on down the road.

If you haven’t subscribed for Family Money Coaching Podcast, then I encourage you to do that right now. Don’t miss out on next week’s episode where Devon Baeza and I discuss our money stories and Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Bad*** at Making Money”.

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