Charlie The Penguin Can Help Save You Money for Adoption

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I had a chauffeur named Charles when I was little. I would dress up and pretend that the stairs were my limo. I had an imaginary boyfriend too. We’d have extensive conversations with each other outside under the trees. My mom says she would laugh whenever she saw me talking to myself, but I’d entertain myself for hours.

I met another Charles and he talks to me. His name is Charlie The Penguin and he helps you with your finances. He sends me messages whenever our credit card is used and gives me money saving tips. The best part about our relationship is that he’s FREE. He’s funded by Fitbit, Mint, and Spotify.

Charlie will send me messages like, “Did you know that on average you spend X number of dollars at Amazon?” (I shared that tidbit with my husband since he spends money at Amazon.) or “We notice that you spend X number of dollars at Verizon. Other consumers spend less, are you interested in finding out ways to save money on your phone bill?”

Fun Fact: Once he told me that Antarctica was the only continent not to have snakes.

How can Charlie help you save money for Adoption or Fertility?

  1. Create conscious spending habits
  2. Obtain money saving tips (find more money for your goals)
  3. Help you avoid late FEES
  4. Remind you to save for your specific goal such as Adoption or Fertility

Well, our spending habits can stop us from reaching our goals because we unconsciously spend money without realizing exactly how much we are spending. Gaining a conscious habit to spending money will assist you with spending less money and stay within your budgeted amount.

You’ll learn where you might be unconsciously spending money on, for example stopping by the gas station to pick up a drink or getting food at a fast food restaurant. (Charlie lets you set spending limits of when to notify you. For example, I set my Instacart level at $150. He sends me a message stating how much I’ve spent for the month and how close to my budgeted amount I am.)

Charlie The Penguin can be your accountability partner while you are saving money for Adoption or Fertility. Having that gentle, fun reminder about your finances may be the key to your successfully saving the money you need for your Forever Family.

Sign up for FREE for Charlie the Penguin and gain the accountability partner you need for financial success.

For more ways to save or find money for Adoption or Fertility, check out our courses.

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