Follow the Orange Backpack to Disney for Adoption

Welcome back to Season 2 of the ​Adoption and Fertility Finance Show! Laura Coleman continues to explore the intersection of finances and adoption and fertility with an emphasis on building strong families.

In today’s podcast, Laura interviews Walter at ​Follow the Orange Backpack​ about intentionally planning a Disney vacation that is affordable, but that doesn’t bankrupt the family.

How to Save Money on Lodging at Disney World.

The most expensive part of a Disney vacation budget is lodging, either on or off the park. The next most expensive budget busters are park tickets and transportation/food.

Walter talks about the benefits of staying in the park to help reduce the cost of transportation. He talks about the benefits of several families going in together to rent a house outside the park. He encourages families to visit the parks in the off-peak times of January to March and Labor Day to Thanksgiving.

How to Save Money on Transportation at Disney World.

Disney works hard to make transportation easy in the parks. They have their own transportation system, and they make every effort to make it accessible. If you are flying into Orlando, you can take the Magic Express directly from the airport to the resort and skip renting a car.

When staying outside of Disney, shop around for the best deal on car rentals from places like Enterprise, Hotwire, and Alamo.

How to Save Money on Tickets at Disney World.

While planning your Disney vacation, remember that there is always a sale going on; you just need to find it. ​Undercover Tourist​ is a website that shows you Disney hacks, including ways to find cheaper tickets.
Walter at ​Follow the Orange Backpack ​ also encourages families to use credit card points from places like Target, Fred Meyer, and Costco to maximize the cost of the trip. If you have limited time at the parks, ​Follow the Orange Backpack ​ has downloadable pdf itineraries with great ideas and plans on how to maximize your time at the parks.

How Can You Have the Most Fun Possible at Disney?

Walter advises families to take frequent breaks, eat regularly, and go at the pace of their children while at the parks. He talks about the importance of creating anticipation for the children to stretch as much enjoyment from the vacation as possible.

Special Grants and Programs for Adoption and Foster Families Going to Disney World

In the podcast, Walter and Laura talk about Disney grants for adoptive families. After the podcast, we realized that there aren’t any official Disney grants, but there are non-profit organizations who offer grants for fostering and adoptive families. In addition, Disney encourages visitors to let the staff know if you’re celebrating a Gotcha Day or similar special event. Disney parks work hard to make your family vacation a memorable event.

Funding Love​ helps adoptive families build deeper connections and stronger bonds through an all-expenses paid vacation to Disney World.
Adventure is Out There​ seeks to increase the welfare of family relationships through Disney and family bonding experiences.

Both of these non-profits are new and would like to get the word out about their mission to help adoptive families heal and bond through a Disney experience. If you know of any adoptive family who could benefit from their purpose, please share this podcast with them.

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