How Do You Chase Happiness When Your Life Sucks?

Sometimes your journey to being a forever family feels long! Sometimes things don’t go as planned! You will love listening to Lisa Norman today on The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show about how to keep your mindset healthy as you chase your dreams. 

How do you chase real happiness? How do you chase it when you feel like everything in your life completely sucks? Lisa shares her tips for happiness building blocks that help you create the true kind of happiness you want in your life. 

Lisa’s found that getting up earlier than the kids and having dance parties during dinner help build her happiness. She talks about the difference between self-care and real self-care. This difference is crucial to finding out how to truly be happy even when things aren’t amazing in your life. 

How do you deal with all of the thoughts ricocheting in your head? Which item do you tackle on your enormous to-do list first? Analysis paralysis led Lisa to sit down and design a course that teaches mom how to choose priorities that will build the life they envision. 

You do not want to miss this positive and upbeat interview that explores the “why” behind the decisions that drive us. 

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Hear what one course participant said about the Preparing Financially for Adoption course.

“I believe one of the biggest struggles families can face is financial struggles and the last thing you want or need is to tie your roller coaster emotions that adoption can bring to poor financial decisions. Preparing financially for Adoption is a resource I wish we had available to us when we adopted! What a gift it would have been to have the structure and accountability to keep us on the same page and communicating before, during and after our adoption process.

The spreadsheets provided are gold for staying organized which can relieve a lot of stress. There are also guides for date nights and talking about the $ that I find valuable even now! Money is something that is easy to let one person handle or to choose to not talk about and it’s so vital to stay connected on this topic especially when you are making big life decisions for your family such as adopting.

Because Laura is a Money Coach and an adoptive mom you can trust she is giving you sound and valuable information.

There are so many things that are required to invest in to prepare for adoption, in my opinion this course should be one of them!”

— Kelli

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