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Laura Coleman is a Tennessee-based Accredited Financial Counselor with a special niche - preparing couples financially for fertility and adoption. After experiencing firsthand the financial burden and stress that accompanies the fertility and adoption process, Laura felt called to start her blog, podcast and financial coaching practice.

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Is it possible to afford fertility or adoption without being wealthy?

Listen in to Laura's podcast to hear inspirational stories from other couples that have successfully raised the funds for their adoption or fertility treatments. Learn how they did it. They are normal people that struggle from day to day, just like you. Their stories provide HOPE to others on the same journey that you may be on. 

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12 hours ago

Family Money Coaching

Nothing says dream smasher like Financial Infidelity. You have a dream of adopting a baby or trying to conceive through fertility and you realize that you need a substantial amount of money. Then you discover that your spouse has racked up $15,000 on a credit card that you weren’t aware they had.

It’s like the world just came crashing down on you and you wonder if it will ever be possible to be a mother or father that you had dreamed about for so long. You experience anger, resentment, hatred, guilt, frustration, and a sense of being trapped.

I know you can strengthen your marriage and overcome the emotional aspect of Financial Infidelity. I also know you can reach your goal of finding the money to pay off the credit card debt and the money you need for adoption and fertility. (I'd love tto be your financial coach.)

First you need to recognize the signs of Financial Infidelity. In my 17 years in the financial industry, I’ve met many men and women that have chosen to be blind to the finances in their relationship.

Having an ostrich syndrome can lead to financial infidelity occurring in your relationship. To avoid the ostrich syndrome; look for these signs of Financial Infidelity: (find the remainder of the post on our website.)

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It's Friday!!! I love Fridays. I love them because I get off early and our family does fun things together. I get to blow off steam after a busy week.

Recently I was talking to someone, I think it was my husband, but it could've been my brother. Anyhow, we were talking about commitment, goals, and how to be dedicated.

The question was asked, who's more dedicated at breakfast, the chicken or the pig?

The chicken only gave a token, but the pig gave his ALL.

So, how are you doing with your financial goal this week? Are you doing a token effort or are you giving your ALL?

Come on, be honest with yourself.

I know that some weeks are just a challenge. I get it. Crap happens. Here's the great thing about Fridays. You can look back at the week and review what went well and what you want to change for next week.

Set up your Money Date for Sunday night and get ready for what you want to do right next week.

If you need a cheerleader to help coach you through to help you change your money mindset and improve your dedication, then set up a free 15 minute call with me.

You can be a pig and go ahead and schedule the Discovery Session, BUT, only if you are ready to give it your ALL.

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4 days ago

Family Money Coaching

Just a little inspiration for your Friday. I do love listening to John Tesh. ... See MoreSee Less

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Should you borrow from your 401k for IVF or adoption?

I recently saw a woman post that she wasn't sure if they should abort the IVF procedure because she wasn't responding to the medication or go through with it and possibly lose $12,500.

It's a gamble.

Are you willing to gamble your retirement money?

That's why I recommend 4 pots of money.
1. Everyday expenses
2. Emergency money
3. Goals
4. Retirement

You don't borrow money from one pot to feed the other. If you do, disappointment and discouragement will become your friend. I do believe you can adopt debt free and go through fertility debt free. (Ask me how I did it.)

Need help organizing your money into the right pots? I can help you do that. Schedule a free 15 minute call with me to get started.

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