30 Day Christmas Money Challenge

By Family Money Coaching | Oct 25, 2019

30 Day Christmas Money Challenge using Flea Market Flipping

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Why does an Adoption cost so much?

By Family Money Coaching | Jul 16, 2019

Navigating the financial aspects of adoption and learn how to save money on them. Find tips on how to find an adoption attorney and why you should hire an adoption agency.

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Protecting The Credit of Your Adopted Children with guest Leslie Tayne, Esq.

By Family Money Coaching | Jun 7, 2019

s an adopted child more vulnerable to identity theft? Laura interviews Leslie Tayne from Tayne Law Group and the new author of Life and Debt about the unique challenges adopted children face, and how they can be protected from credit fraud.

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Successful Tricks On How To Use Airbnb

By Family Money Coaching | May 31, 2019

Have you ever wanted to become an Airbnb host, but you didn’t know where to start? Laura Coleman at Family Money Coaching talks with Saffron, an active duty service member, about her side hustle renting out rooms in her house. Saffron shares some tips for increasing your booking chances, how to protect yourself as a homeowner, and how multiple sources of income can really turbo-charge your goals.

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Podcast Interview with Dr Travis Parry, International Speaker and Coach

By Family Money Coaching | May 13, 2019

Laura and Dr. Parry discuss the roots of financial values. They talk about examining childhood memories of money, and the importance of talking to your spouse about your money beliefs. There can be a lot of negative emotions when talking about money: shame, fear, extreme privacy, and hoarding money. Dr Parry emphasizes that it isn’t WHAT you teach kids about money; it’s what you DO with money that will teach them.

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What do a Clinical Social Worker and a Financial Coach say about marriage, money, and fertility?

By Family Money Coaching | May 8, 2019

Laura Coleman interviews Daniel Eck, MS, LCPC, a clinical professional counselor with 6 years of experience. They talk about how to keep a marriage strong during fertility. They discuss some of the unique emotional challenges that couples undergoing fertility deal with and Daniel suggests some healthy coping mechanisms.

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What Happens When Your Plan A Becomes Plan B?

By Family Money Coaching | May 2, 2019

Chelsie was living a full and busy life. She was working, going to school, and working on her IVF fundraiser in the evenings when she got an unexpected phone call during class one day.

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Overcoming Financial Obstacles of an International Adoption

By Family Money Coaching | Apr 9, 2019

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-xyai7-ad6cb9 Listen to the podcast on link above. Join Laura Coleman at Family Money Coaching as she interviews Melody Johnson about how to prepare for an international adoption. Melody shares… Read More

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The 5 Love Languages Affects Our Money with guest Devon Baeza

By Family Money Coaching | Mar 19, 2019

Strengthen your marriage during adoption and fertility using the 5 Love Languages from this week’s podcast.

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