I Just Can’t Say “NO”

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 21, 2017

One afternoon, I looked out my window and saw 2 guys in Polo’s and shorts approaching my house with clipboards. I knew immediately that they were trying to sell something and I just didn’t want to say “NO” to yet another person trying to get me to buy weed killer, grass fertilizer, or whatever they… Read More

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My Financial Advice to Xennials

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 18, 2017

I’m a Xennial, (to find out if you are a Xennial, click on the link and take the quiz). It’s the generation between Millennial and Generation X. I remember walking from the Junior High, through the High School hallway to the typing class at the other end of the building. (Our school was small) I still… Read More

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Find FREE Money – U.S. News & World Report survey on Cash Back Credit Cards

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 8, 2017

I love FREE stuff. I get so excited when I get something that’s FREE. It’s like this little part of me skips a beat and I want to dance a jig. I know I got it from my Mom because she gets this little smile on her face and she squeals. You have to know… Read More

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Credit Card Priorities of a 3 year Old

By moneylauracoleman | Jul 13, 2017

I was at my computer buying new business cards, when my 3 year old approached me. He saw my VISA credit card. He points to it and says, “Buy it?” “Yes”, I said. “Toys?” “Yes Bud, you can buy toys.” He then proceeded to tell me all the toys he wanted to buy: tractor, truck,… Read More

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When You Are Discouraged

By moneylauracoleman | Jul 8, 2017

Do you ever have days when you get so discouraged. You think, what am I doing? Am I doing any good in the world? Then someone reaches out and touches your heart and you realize, all is well with the world. I received a letter of reference that truly touched my heart and gave me… Read More

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Planning for Expenses Using Sub-Accounts

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 29, 2017

Surprise of all surprises, the toolbar light came on in the car. The mechanic looked it over and said, “You are due for new belts, hoses, spark plugs, and an oil change. That’ll be $972.” My heart skipped a little beat. I paused, thinking about the money that we have saved in our sub-account marked… Read More

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Finding Peace after Job Loss

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 6, 2017

Recently I’ve come to greatly appreciate our Multiple Sources Of Income, our savings, no debt, and a stocked pantry. Thursday, my husband came home to inform me that his employment had ended because the company was struggling due to the loss of some key clients. I thought I would react differently. I was calm and… Read More

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Multiple Sources Of Income-Housing

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 5, 2017

I remember as a little girl going to the circus. It was so exciting to see amazing feats performed by trained professionals. I thrilled to see the acrobats high up in the sky on the high wire. My stomach would drop as I saw them flip in the air and grasp the bar swinging towards… Read More

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Multiple Sources Of Income-Airbnb

By moneylauracoleman | May 15, 2017

Imagine yourself on a 30 story building with two elevators. One elevator has a really thick cable and the other has 10 small cables. Between the two elevators is a sign that says: Caution-We are aware that one of the cables is weak and will break. Please choose wisely. So, which elevator will you choose? Why… Read More

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