Live With No Regrets

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 9, 2018

Five years ago I met a sweet little girl. I remember the first time I saw her. She came to church with her Pappo and she was dressed in the cutest little yellow dress. I was sitting in the back pew and she was in the pew right in front of us. I’m a baby… Read More

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The Financial Costs of Adopting a Family Member

By moneylauracoleman | Jul 17, 2018

Whenever I meet someone that has adopted/gone through fertility or is about to go through this journey, I get so excited as if we are both a part of a club. This weekend I met a young man that has custody of his 10 month old nephew and he wants to adopt him. I loved… Read More

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Preparing Financially For Fertility and Adoption

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 28, 2018

I didn’t plan on adopting. It was never part of the “when I grow up, I want to adopt” plan. Instead, I imagined that I would be 25 years old, married, with 2 kids and we’d grow into 6 kids. I was going to be a stay-at-home mom that gardened, canned, and sewed clothes. The reality of my situation was that I didn’t find my Prince Charming until I was 33, married 7 months later at age 34, struggled with fertility for 2 years until we adopted 3 kids, and now I’m a working financial counselor/mom.

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What’s Your Side Hustle?

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 24, 2017

Yesterday I was speaking to my neighbor about the Total Eclipse that we experienced. She mentioned that her son lived just north of us right in the ideal path. A guy in his town sold 400 camping sites for $50 a piece as a prime place to watch the Total Eclipse. My jaw dropped. That… Read More

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I Just Can’t Say “NO”

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 21, 2017

One afternoon, I looked out my window and saw 2 guys in Polo’s and shorts approaching my house with clipboards. I knew immediately that they were trying to sell something and I just didn’t want to say “NO” to yet another person trying to get me to buy weed killer, grass fertilizer, or whatever they… Read More

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My Financial Advice to Xennials

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 18, 2017

I’m a Xennial, (to find out if you are a Xennial, click on the link and take the quiz). It’s the generation between Millennial and Generation X. I remember walking from the Junior High, through the High School hallway to the typing class at the other end of the building. (Our school was small) I still… Read More

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Find FREE Money – U.S. News & World Report survey on Cash Back Credit Cards

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 8, 2017

I love FREE stuff. I get so excited when I get something that’s FREE. It’s like this little part of me skips a beat and I want to dance a jig. I know I got it from my Mom because she gets this little smile on her face and she squeals. You have to know… Read More

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Credit Card Priorities of a 3 year Old

By moneylauracoleman | Jul 13, 2017

I was at my computer buying new business cards, when my 3 year old approached me. He saw my VISA credit card. He points to it and says, “Buy it?” “Yes”, I said. “Toys?” “Yes Bud, you can buy toys.” He then proceeded to tell me all the toys he wanted to buy: tractor, truck,… Read More

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When You Are Discouraged

By moneylauracoleman | Jul 8, 2017

Do you ever have days when you get so discouraged. You think, what am I doing? Am I doing any good in the world? Then someone reaches out and touches your heart and you realize, all is well with the world. I received a letter of reference that truly touched my heart and gave me… Read More

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