How Can I Pay For Adoption or IVF While Single?

I’ve noticed another group of single women that are deciding that if finding a partner isn’t going to happen, they are not going to let their dream of being a mom to not materialize. They are fostering, adopting, and going through IVF with sperm donors in the hopes of making that dream become a reality. So, how does a single person pay for adoption or IVF when they are the only breadwinner? Check out the following resources to help you adopt or go through IVF while single. Read More

Overcoming The Emotional Stigmas of Infertility

On today’s episode on The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show, host Laura Coleman interviews Frances Jones, author and fertility coach from Hearts Desires Fulfillment Coaching. Frances shares deep feelings about her 20 year infertility journey and how she came to terms with her desire to be a mother and the reality of her infertility. Read More

How To Recover From Financial Mistakes

We all make financial mistakes. On today’s episode of The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show, your host Laura Coleman admits to a recent financial mistake. Learn what thoughts you need to have to help you overcome those mistakes and what conversation do you need to have during your Money Date, so that mistake doesn’t occur again. Read More

Steps to set up a business to raise money for Adoption or Fertility

We want to make enough money to have a debt-free adoption or fertility procedure. So, if you are making more than $3,000, you’ll want to be able to take advantage of tax deductions and change it from a hobby business to a for-profit business. Read More