What to Expect

When working with an Adoption and Fertility Money Coach

1: Initial Call

Let me get to know about you and your financial story. Where have you been? What have you done? What has brought you here?

2: Financial Snapshot

I'll gather your financial information and will build you a snapshot of your finances. Its important to see where you are in order to get where you want to be.

3: Spending Plan

We will meet and go over your recommended spending plan. We will talk about roadblocks and how to overcome them. We will make sure your plan sets you up for success!

Step 1

As an Accredited Financial Counselor, Laura Coleman follows the AFCPE’s code of ethics and professional responsibility. She will provide professional services with integrity and objectivity. She will maintain the skills necessary to provide competent services for her clients. In addition, she will be fair by disclosing conflicts of interest, and protect the confidentiality of all of her client’s information. And finally, she will provide services with professionalism and diligence.

  1. Schedule a Free 15 Minute No Judgement Phone Call with Laura

    If you’ve never worked with a financial coach before, or you feel completely overwhelmed by your next step, this 15 minute consultation is the perfect place for you to start. You’ll be able to talk about your situation, and what your vision is for your family. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Laura Coleman has seen almost every kind of financial problem and she loves to help people. 

    In this phone call, she will ask or discuss with you about:

    • Your vision for your family
    • Financial Challenges that you want to resolve
    • Developing a plan to accomplish your goals

We will outline what next steps need to be taken financially.

Step 2

Discovery Session

If the financial advice you read about always seems to be for other people, then this Discovery Session is exactly what you need. Laura will tailor financial advice for you based on your skills, talents, financial situation, and family goals. After over a decade in the financial industry, she has a wide range of tools to help your family triumph over financial adversity.

This discovery session will require a little bit of prep work from you before the meeting. This preparation helps you maximize your time with Laura, so that you can walk away at the end with a framework in place to have a successful financial life. 

Before the Zoom meeting:

1) You will fill out a financial questionnaire so that Laura can understand your unique situation and your vision for your family. You will also schedule a Zoom meeting at this time with Laura. 

2) Laura will review your financial documents before meeting with you and your spouse/partner. When she meets with you she will have a spending plan in place to help you meet your financial goals.

During your Zoom meeting, you can expect Laura to:

    • Provide money saving ideas and tips to find more money with your current income.
    • Brainstorm with you on ways to improve your financial situation.
    • Answer any additional questions you may have regarding your finances.
    • Give guidance on reaching goals and coach you on ways to attain them.

We will review your homework and track your success

Step 3

Love & Money Coaching - Rescue Your Relationship - 5 weeks coaching program

If you and your spouse struggle to talk about money without slamming doors, then this dedicated coaching session is where you’ll want to start. The goal of this 5 week program is to help increase the positive communication in your relationship about money, ease conflicts about money, and to get you both on the same page financially before developing a spending plan that works for you. 

Each week you will work together with your spouse to:

  • Set a weekly Money Date
  • Create a Family Motto
  • Explore your emotions towards money
  • Change your communication about money
  • Develop a Money Mindset that helps you reach your financial goals

When you meet with Laura for your weekly Zoom session, she will help you apply your Money Date discussions to the financial goals you have set for yourselves. During your weekly meetings you will talk about: 

Session 1: A Better Way to Talk About Money

Session 2: Heart, Soul, and Mind: The Five Dimensions of Money -Stress Less, Love More

Session 3: Know Your Story. Own Your Story - The Cultural Dimension of Money

Session 4: Why is This SO Hard? - The Emotional and Practical Dimensions of Money

Session 5: How Stuff Gets Done - The Behavioral Dimension of Money and Your New Story

Your money gets messy and so does your relationship while going through adoption and fertility. The Love & Money Coaching Session is designed to help you open the lines of communication with your partner and live with intention towards money. When both partners are working together for a common goal, it is truly amazing how much faster and easier it is to succeed! 


Have you followed through on the resources you've been assigned for Money Date?