What to Expect

When working with a Financial Coach

1: Initial Call

Let me get to know about you and your financial story. Where have you been? What have you done? What has brought you here?

2: Financial Snapshot

I'll gather your financial information and will build you a snapshot of your finances. Its important to see where you are in order to get where you want to be.

3: Spending Plan

We will meet and go over your recommended spending plan. We will talk about roadblocks and how to overcome them. We will make sure your plan sets you up for success!

Week 1

  1. This initial phone call helps us to get to know each other. You tell me your story. Where are you in the adoption or fertility path? Where are you financially? What resources have you looked into so far? What are you wanting a Financial Coach to help you accomplish?
  2. Gather financial documents together. Being as open as possible will help me understand your situation and be able to create a plan to help you reach your goal of being a forever family. I'll provide a list of documents for you after we discuss what you want to accomplish. It's different for adoption and fertility.
  3. All appointments are confidential. I do not discuss your personal situation unless you provide written permission to discuss with another person.

We will outline what next steps need to be taken financially.

Week 2

  1. Before we meet either virtually or in person, I will put together a financial snapshot that shows where you are and where you want to go. We will outline what next steps need to be taken financially. During this Second Date we get serious about what you truly want and what you are willing to do to get there.
  2. We make sure both partners are on board for this ride together. It's imperative to be on the same page financially during your adoption/fertility journey because of all the difficulties that you will face. Open communication is KEY. We will discuss the rules to Money Talk that will assist you through this journey.

We will review your homework and track your success

Week 4

  1. We review the homework that you have accomplished since we last met. What roadblocks have you encountered? What successes have you seen?
  2. By this point we will have put together a spending plan, created a plan to "find" money, reviewed options to pay for either adoption or fertility.
  3. We will start working on any financial roadblocks that you may have encountered since you started your journey.

Have you followed through on the resources you've been assigned as homework?

Week 6

  1. We will assess your current financial situation. Are you working the plan we've set forth? Have you followed through on the resources you've been assigned as homework?
  2. Now you have a spending plan in order, resources set in place to finance your adoption/fertility, learned how to communicate about money, and we will discuss tax benefits, breaks, and how you can use them to your advantage. We will also discuss what financial roadblocks you may experience afterwards that you need to prepare for now.
  3. Do you need a committed relationship with a Family Money Coach? Let's define the relationship by the end of this Fourth Date.