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It's not just about finding some advice and guidance to reach your financial goals, its about finding someone who you can really connect with, who also has gone down this road.

Laura Coleman is a Tennessee-based Accredited Financial Counselor with a special niche - preparing couples financially for fertility and adoption. After experiencing firsthand the financial burden and stress that accompanies the fertility and adoption process, Laura felt called to start her blog, podcast and financial coaching practice.

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Join Laura's 12 week course to learn more about preparing financially for adoption! Follow Laura's exclusive outline to seek financial stability and take advantage of all that's available to help you achieve your goals!

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Is it possible to afford fertility or adoption without being wealthy?

Listen in to Laura's podcast to hear inspirational stories from other couples that have successfully raised the funds for their adoption or fertility treatments. Learn how they did it. They are normal people that struggle from day to day, just like you. Their stories provide HOPE to others on the same journey that you may be on. 

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We have been working for MONTHS on the Preparing Financially for Adoption course. It's almost finished!!! We need 5 couples to take the course and provide us feedback for us to use in marketing. Do you want to help us beta test our new course? Send us a message and we'll provide you the link to the course.

During this course you will be able to develop a successful Money Date, create a spending plan to help you plug leaks in personal spending, plan an adoption budget, write a successful grant, develop and run a fundraiser, know what questions to ask your CPA about adoption, organize your financial documents, prepare financially for the home study, develop a plan for after the kids, understand borrowing money, discover money saving tips for travel for ICPC, and staying organized with your finances during your entire adoption process.

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Overcoming the Greatest Financial Obstacle -

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Have you joined our community on Facebook? Paying for Adoption Facebook group is discussing Borrowing Money for Adoption this week. Don't miss out on tips, places to borrow, and cautions.

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This quote struck my heart and thought it would bring a defining moment to your struggles. Adoption and Fertility do not define you. It will refine you during this process.

Because of this process you may have the ability to have compassion for people that you wouldn't have had compassion for before.

You may find yourself striving diligently to save your marriage because it's been run through the ringer. Others may have given up easily on their marriage, but you've gone through so much together.

To heal your heart, it's important to share your story with others. I know it's difficult. I started my podcast as a way of healing my own heart after suffering a miscarriage, having 3 children under 3 that we were adopting/fostering, and my marriage was struggling.

Now 4 years later I can look back on that year and think, what else you got for me? I survived that and I have become a different woman. I have compassion for other women that have marital struggles because of fertility. I know it's ugly. I also know that you can heal and have a stronger relationship.

Why do I talk about the 5 Love Languages on my show? Why do I talk about setting up Money Dates? Because I know that those 2 things have helped my relationship. It's because of our improved communication that we've been able to share our dreams and grow together. I wasn't going to allow fertility and adoption to define our marriage, but it's definitely refined us.

I might mention. We aren't perfect. We are still on this journey together. But the key word is TOGETHER. We are striving and working towards this goal of being a forever family.

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Did you miss out on Fundraising tips because you aren't a part of the Paying for Adoption Facebook group?

One lucky person in that group will be receiving the Adoption and Fertility Grant Success Course in the month of December. So, join the group to be the lucky person. Plus, you can get ideas on how to successfully raise the money for your adoption journey. (I used my skills to also raise the money for fertility, so even if you aren't adopting, you may learn something.)

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