Ms Coleman taught multiple classes on the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and the Blended Retirement System to all M Battery Marines (roughly 134 personnel).

Due to Ms Coleman’s classes several Marines within our unit enrolled, and began contributing to the TSP. As the unit Command Financial Specialist I had several Marines approach me after Ms Coleman’s classes in order to seek further information regarding finances/retirement/ and debt. Ms Coleman’s classes and presence have had a significant impact on our unit. Since Ms Coleman’s classes dozens of M Battery Marines have not only begun to contribute to the TSP but are now making sound financial decisions.

Personally Ms Coleman has taught me a significant amount about the BRS and the TSP. Due to the knowledge I have gained from Ms Coleman my Wife and I are on pace (for the first time) to maximize our 2018 contributions to both of our personal Roth IRA’s and to our TSP Roth (combined $29,500.00 and no debt). I am very proud of the aforementioned statement because we are a single income family of five.

Ms Coleman is not only an outstanding educator but also an outstanding person. Her positive attitude is contagious.

Marine Review