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All Things Money is a chance to learn about how the adoption tax credit works, who can take advantage of it, and how it works. Learn about the pros and cons of borrowing from your 401(k). Learn financial hacks that teach you how to use your HSA during the fertility process. Discover the best financial products that can help you with your money while you save. We answer the big questions about All Things Money during both adoption and fertility.

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Inspirational Stories is an opportunity to hear from other couples that have successfully raised the funds for their adoption or fertility. Learn how they did it. These are normal people that struggle day to day, just like you. Their stories provide HOPE to others on the same journey.

Money Mindset with Devon Baeza, a financial coach that has successfully navigated the fertility process as a mother of 2 and Laura Coleman, a financial coach that has successfully navigated the adoption process as a mother of 3. Discover the WHY behind your money decisions. We explore how our money personalities, money stories, money mindsets affect our decision to do fertility or adoption. Did you balk at the idea of spending money for IVF and instead did IUI, only to discover that you did IUI 8 times and if you had just done IVF once, you would have been successful? Did you decide to do a domestic adoption instead of an international adoption because of the price tag, even though your heart told you that you were meant to adopt internationally? Join us on this monthly topic as we talk about how to overcome those money roadblocks.

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Love & Money is a curriculum designed to help you learn how to communicate about money as a couple. Going through fertility and adopting is stressful enough. Let us help you ease your stress about money as you learn how to communicate effectively in this monthly series. Learn fair conversation rules, 5 techniques to better conversations, the 5 dimensions of money, and how to create your new story.

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