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It's not just about finding some advice and guidance to reach your financial goals, its about finding someone who you can really connect with, who also has gone down this road.

Laura Coleman is a Tennessee-based Accredited Financial Counselor with a special niche - preparing couples financially for fertility and adoption. After experiencing firsthand the financial burden and stress that accompanies the fertility and adoption process, Laura felt called to start her blog, podcast and financial coaching practice.

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Join Laura's 12 week course to learn more about preparing financially for adoption! Follow Laura's exclusive outline to seek financial stability and take advantage of all that's available to help you achieve your goals!

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Is it possible to afford fertility or adoption without being wealthy?

Listen in to Laura's podcast to hear inspirational stories from other couples that have successfully raised the funds for their adoption or fertility treatments. Learn how they did it. They are normal people that struggle from day to day, just like you. Their stories provide HOPE to others on the same journey that you may be on. 

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3rd episode for the 2nd season launches tomorrow for The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show. Are you subscribed so you don't miss out on this episode? Here's a little sneak peak with my interview with Matt Doran, CFP.

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