Date Night

I knew Date Night was important, but I didn’t realize how important until we had 3 little ones under age 4. I remember my husband coming home from work one day and I said, WE NEED TO GO ON A DATE!!!! I was about to pull my hair out from all the crying and screaming. I had lost touch with me as a woman and I was looking cross-eyed at my husband. We made a goal to go on more dates. I searched around for a baybsitter or friends to trade date nights with. I didn’t want to overwhelm people with my active children, but I was desperate to get out of the house and have adult conversation. We discovered that a local church has a Parent’s Night Out once a month during the school year. For $5 a kid, it was cheaper than a babysitter. We rotated babysitting with friends for free babysitting. Then I discovered that we had a neighbor that was 2 doors down, 17 years old, and willing to earn some money. We were finally able to go out.

As each month has past by, we’ve discovered that our need to go on dates is more than we had money. We looked for ways to be creative. Our credit card gave us points and I discovered that I could cash them in and deposit the money into our bank account. I quickly set up a sub-account called “Date Night With My Honey”. Soon we had money in the account to go and have fun.

We also instituted Home Date Nights. That’s where we made sure the kids were in bed by 7pm, sometimes 6:45, so we know they are asleep by 7. We’ve cooked dinner together. We’ve rented movies and watched them at home, saving us tons of money. I’m appalled at how much it costs to go to the movies nowadays. Sometimes we sit and talk about our life. We discuss religion, politics, goals we want to accomplish, and read articles out loud together. I really enjoy those nights because it’s relaxing. I don’t have to prepare kids for a babysitter and I know the kids are getting their necessary sleep.

Tonight we have Parent’s Night Out. We got a gift card to Olive Garden and we are planning on a romantic dinner out, just the two of us. To not have to say, sit down and eat 20 times or please don’t pinch your brother, will be so worth the $15 for PNO.

Some things I’ve learned about dating my husband: It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and IT”S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

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