Laugh Your Way To The Bank

In the last two days, I’ve saved almost $100 a month just by calling and talking to sales people. About 3 years ago we had 6 inches of snow that collapsed our back porch. The insurance company dropped our policy and we were forced to find a high risk insurance company. Our home insurance quadrupled. It was so painful. But we’ve managed. I patiently waited until the 3 years was up before contacting another insurance company. I found a savings of $800 a year with State Farm. I love saving money.

Then, I was having problems with my cell phone, so I went in to Verizon to ask for their help. I mentioned a flier that I had gotten in the mail. He told me that I could get better data coverage for less cost. PLUS, if I turned in my paystub then I could get 12% off. So, I saved $26 a month, just by casually asking.

While I was at Verizon an older gentleman came in with an old school phone. I’m a chatty person and mentioned to him that if he showed where he worked, then he might be able to get an employee discount. Another worker quips, “You look like an attorney.” Everyone laughed when he responded, “I’m a judge.” Then the worker helping him says, “I’ve not seen a plan like yours in YEARS. In fact, I’ve never seen a plan where the minutes weren’t unlimited.” The judge was paying for 1300 minutes and texting. I remember doing that. Golly, that was YEARS ago. This guy hadn’t updated his plan since then. Amazing that he never asked to change his plan. Never thought about getting a better rate. Never saving money.

That’s the problem with many of us. We never ASK for a better rate. We just accept the amount of money that we are paying. So, ask yourself, What could you do with the money that you save if you were to ASK? Could you pay off your debt? Could you save for a vacation? Could you save it to buy a new vehicle? Maybe you want to save for retirement or even just have an emergency fund? Whatever you decide to do, JUST DO IT.

I know what I’m doing with that extra money. As my grandpa would say, “I’m going to laugh all the way to the bank.”

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