Finding Peace after Job Loss

Recently I’ve come to greatly appreciate our Multiple Sources Of Income, our savings, no debt, and a stocked pantry. Thursday, my husband came home to inform me that his employment had ended because the company was struggling due to the loss of some key clients. I thought I would react differently. I was calm and felt peace when he told me. I’ve had a few days to ponder as to why I had that peace. Then I realized it was because I knew it was going to be ok. We had other sources of income. Granted we won’t be able to invest, go out to eat as often, and mind our p’s and q’s, but we will be ok. I was so grateful that we prepared for the storm. Well, the storm has come, we are in the midst of it and I’m thinking the only thing I don’t know if I can handle is having my husband home all day. LOL

My mind is already thinking about what to do next. We have options. It’s when you don’t have options that the fear sets in to destroy your peace. I encouraged my husband to complete a certification that he’s talked about getting for 4 years. It will take him a few months, but that’s ok because we are prepared. He can take the time to pursue the CCNA Security certification. It will help him advance in his career and make him more marketable. When you are not prepared, that is when you don’t have options. You have to accept the first job that comes along, you can’t look for the one that you want because you NEED the money.

Being prepared doesn’t happen overnight. For us it took years of hard work. Diligence. Patience. Education. Determination. Faith. Obedience. Don’t give up just because you aren’t there yet. Envision what your future will be like or what you need to do to have peace if something difficult happens. Tragedy is only tragic if you aren’t prepared.


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