The 5 Love Languages Affects Our Money with guest Devon Baeza

How does understanding your love language help you with your finances?

Laura Coleman at Family Money Coaching talks with Devon Baeza from Fertility Finance Coach about their personal experiences using their love languages to grow closer together with their spouses during fertility treatments.

Why does my love language matter?

Devon and Laura share how their love languages impact their budget. Laura warns that if a person doesn’t respect their spouse’s love language, then lying or sneaking can occur when the spouse doesn’t feel loved in the way they need. She tells how clients often overspend because they don’t budget for it. She talks about the danger of retail therapy and revenge spending.

Take the 5 Love Languages test here.

Devon says, “Recognizing our love languages can help us realize what we really need, and then we can find a cheaper alternative that still satisfies our love language.”

How can you prevent divorce during fertility treatments?

Laura discusses the importance of dates during fertility treatments. She shares how spending quality time with her husband during the darkest part of her marriage helped her reconnect with him.
Fertility treatments are the ultimate stressor because they pull on the spiritual, emotional, and financial parts of the relationship. It also often occurs early in a marriage, so it’s one of the first times a couple has ever had to deal with stress like this. It brings to light all of the weak spots, miscommunications, the risks you’re willing to take and the different ways you deal with stress and grief. Laura and Devon talk about the ways a spouse can help you, and when it’s time to look for help from outside the marriage.
“Let the infertility treatments be the launching point for your marriage. It’s not always going to be this hard,” counsels Devon.

Use the 5 Love Languages to Build Your Relationship During Infertility

Devon gives specific ideas to help a woman going through infertility:
● Say positive and affirming words to each other
● Spend time together before a big financial decision
● Take back the power of physical touch that is removed from the fertility process
● Surprise your spouse with a thoughtful gift
● Figure out what brings your spouse the most stress and then take that off their plate

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