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Laura Coleman interviews Dr. Travis Parry, an international speaker and coach to financial professionals and entrepreneurs. They discuss their similar missions about helping people live their lives on purpose and with intention. They delve into how childhood experiences can shape the money stories we tell ourselves, and how we can address these stories with positive intention.

Dr. Parry discusses the pivotal moment his father’s death played in his career.

Dr. Parry began his career in insurance. In his spare time, he devoured financial courses because he truly wanted to help people live their best financial life. After his father’s early death, his mom employed him to help organize the family’s finances. This trans-formative experience drove him back to academia so that he could learn about couples and how to truly help them.

The number one issue that couples fight about is…..

Money! But it is NOT the number one issue that causes divorce. It is the most emotional issue in a marriage, more than sex or parenting. And couples simply don’t know how to talk about money. Laura and Dr. Parry share some ways that couples can discuss this sensitive subject.

What shared values do couples need to have about money?

Dr. Parry talks about the importance of sharing similar parenting and religious values. He points out that how we worship in private is more important than how we worship in public in the context of a marriage. When couples share goals, especially financial goals, it will translate into increased happiness in their partnership.

Where do financial values come from?

Laura and Dr. Parry discuss the roots of financial values. They talk about examining childhood memories of money, and the importance of talking to your spouse about your money beliefs. There can be a lot of negative emotions when talking about money: shame, fear, extreme privacy, and hoarding money. Dr Parry emphasizes that it isn’t WHAT you teach kids about money; it’s what you DO with money that will teach them.

How can you teach older adopted children about money?

Laura and Dr. Parry discuss how much harder it can be to teach older adopted children about money because they may have already experienced poor money examples. Dr. Parry emphasizes that money should be about stewardship. Teaching this value will help children who struggle with hoarding or spending every penny they have.

Religion and Money: How can we reconcile the two?

Dr. Parry defines a value as a principle that defines your direction. A lot of religious values, including the misquoted scripture “Money is the root of all evil”, conflict with good financial principles. Dr. Parry shares some personal examples of conflicting religious and financial values that have affected a family’s relationship with money for generations.

Which is better for your marriage: coaching or therapy?

Dr. Parry explains the difference between therapy and coaching. Therapy is designed to listen to you. It is there to help you unload and self-reflect. Coaching, on the other hand, teaches you communication skills, problem-solving skills, and how to have intimacy in all areas of your life so that you can be prepared to take on the money aspect of your relationship.

What is the #1 best way to fix your relationship?

Simply put, it is time. Spend time together talking about your values, putting financial things into place, having fun, and sharing dreams and ideas. If you want to fix your relationship, the absolute best thing to do is to spend quality time with your partner.

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