Overcoming The Emotional Stigmas of Infertility

On today’s episode on The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show, host Laura Coleman interviews Frances Jones, author and fertility coach from Hearts Desires Fulfillment Coaching. Frances shares deep feelings about her 20 year infertility journey and how she came to terms with her desire to be a mother and the reality of her infertility.

Even though Frances had a step-daughter and adopted 2 children, she still had a piece of herself that felt there was something missing.

During the show she discusses how to overcome the emotional toll and inadequacy that you might be feeling about being barren. She provides tips on what you need to do to be a stronger woman.

What I learned From Frances

For years I stayed away from baby showers because it was a reminder to me of what I was missing out on. As I interviewed Frances, she encourages women to attend baby showers. I had never thought of her reasons on why she encourages you to attend them. It was a powerful reminder to me to change how I thought about baby showers and the joy of others. If you too struggle with seeing other women giving birth and holding baby showers, I want you to listen to Frances’ advice and her reasons behind why you should attend baby showers.

Frances took her experiences, her changes, and growth and wrote a book called Overcoming the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility: Barren but Not Ashamed. Check out the links below to sign up for updates once the book is launched.

Let’s Talk About Healing

Right now I want women that have never had children to stop and listen to this episode. I am in your shoes. Frances truly touched my heart and helped me with my healing of not feeling good enough and not being a good Christian because I couldn’t bring children into this world. I was raised in a Christian home with 6 kids and big family was celebrated. I believed that when I grew up that I’d have a big family too. My plan A never materialized and so for years I felt an emptiness. While listening to Frances, feelings washed over me, feelings of healing, and feelings of peace. I knew that I was led to interview her not only for you, my listeners, but also for my own healing.

I know that sounds selfish, but this podcast was started to share my knowledge to help other couples avoid the mistakes I had made and to capitalize on tips I share with them. What I didn’t realize is that I still had deep seeded feelings that needed to be resolved about not baring children. Please don’t misunderstand me when I say this because I love my children that we’ve been blessed with. They were meant to be a part of our family. However, we still must let our hearts heal from our own personal histories.

I do the same kind of counseling, but in regards to money, in our Love & Money sessions, so this emotional healing isn’t new to me. I just didn’t realize that I hadn’t come to terms with it until she spoke about her own experience and gave guidance on what to do to overcome those feelings.

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To find out more about Frances Jones you can follow her through these links:

Website: https://www.heartdesirescoaching.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francesjones1/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartdesirescoaching

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