10 Christmas Holiday Fundraisers for Adoption or Fertility

Have you run out of ideas or you just aren’t creative enough to come up with the ideas? Then check out the ideas below to help you find the money this month for your Adoption or Fertility Journey.

Fundraising Ideas

Cookie Swap Get your friends together and sell cookies to raise money for your adoption or fertility process.

Breakfast with Santa

Create a memory for families to cherish with this fun breakfast with Santa. Ask a local restaurant to partner with you for the food. Focus your efforts on marketing your event to local schools and churches. Create fun fliers on Canva for that cuteness factor. I really love Canva for the creative flare that I lack. I use the templates because I’m just not the crafty person. I created this on Canva. It looks amazing and very festive. When you go to download the flier, be sure to choose PDF Print for the better image.

Sell ornaments

Begin early, so you have enough ornaments to sell. If you make 100 ornaments and sell for $5 a piece, you know you have the potential to make $500. If you only make 50, you can’t expect to make $500 unless you upped your price. Holiday Bazaars start popping up in November, so spend September and October making ornaments in your spare time.

Sell hot cocoa at a holiday bazaar

I’m kinda a chocolate addict, so this idea sounds so good to me. It’s the smells, sounds, and tastes of Christmas that really get me into the holiday mood.

Imagine going to an outside Christmas market, walking around smelling the baked goods, looking at the amazing crafts, and sipping hot cocoa. MMMMM. That memory is so vivid to me.

Pro Tip: Create an experience for people to purchase, not just hot cocoa. I Am Baker has a recipe for homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa that could provide just the experience your customers are looking for. Remember, you are selling nostalgia, not just hot cocoa. Have you seen the chocolate bombs? I think I’ve watched this video 10 times because I’m mesmerized by it.

What are you going to need to do this fundraiser? Find your local holiday events and sign up as a vendor.

Business license can be obtained from your local municipal business tax clerk. I spoke with our local health department and they said if you make under $3000 you don’t need a business license.

Polar Plunge– I’d partner with a local swim team, radio station, or organization that could help get the word out for you. This event really needs someone to toot your horn and garner a crowd for this daredevil event. You could look at having a swimsuit company sponsor the event.

Pictures with Santa- Host a Pictures with Santa event using an authentic looking Santa Clause. This photo shoot needs Christmas decorations, a comfortable seat for Santa, candy canes for the kids, and a hot cocoa and cookies area. If you want to add to the experience, kids can decorate cookies after getting their pictures with Santa.

Parents would appreciate options to purchase a calendar, mugs, or a large picture. Use Snapfish to create these items for attendees. I treasure the photo books that I made on Snapfish when we chronicled our engagement, wedding, and adoption of our oldest.

You don’t need a fancy place for pictures. The below picture was taken at a local grocery store. It’s my ultimate favorite because the Santa is just perfect and I do love chunky babies. This was just 8 weeks after we brought home this little one from the hospital.

Items needed:

Location, Santa, candy canes, Christmas decorations, comfortable chair word of mouth advertising, event on Facebook, cookies and hot cocoa (ask for donations), Snapfish account, and photographer.

5K Santa Run– This is just hilarious to me to see Santa’s running. Isn’t there a movie with this in it? I’ve seen too many romance movies, but I’m pretty sure there’s one with Santa’s running in it. For this fundraiser, I’d be sure to take pictures and sell them. It’s like going on a roller coaster and they snap the picture as you are screaming murder and you HAVE to have it because it’s so funny. You want to capture funny moments with your Santa’s and then sell those pictures for your fundraiser.

Sell crafts at Christmas festivals or online- Places to sell: Etsy, Zazzle, Facebook Marketplace.

Sell baked goods – You can sell your baked goods that don’t need refrigeration to friends and family and not need a cottage license. If you choose to GO BIG OR GO HOME and sell to businesses or events, then you’ll need a cottage license. Contact your local health department for more information.

If you sell items that need refrigeration, you’ll need to prepare it and store it in a commercial kitchen. Look into partnering with a local business like Morgan’s Mighty Macs did or find a local community commercial kitchen that allows you to rent for a nominal fee.

I have a friend that makes $3-5,000 at a farmer’s market. During the good events she has made $7,500-8,000. She works like crazy preparing for these events, but it’s totally worth it to her. Imagine you making that kind of money at a Christmas market. Would that change your mindset about being able to raise the funds for adoption or fertility? It’s possible. Start dreaming and then make it a reality.

Wrapping presents – My mother in law organized a present wrapping event for years to help raise money for our church. She still talks about it to this day. Wrapping presents is an art and there are people that don’t have the time or energy to make a present pretty, but they want to present a pretty present. (say that 10 times) You’ll have to give up some evenings or Saturdays, but is it worth it to you to help you raise money for your goal?

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