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Qube Money

Qube Money is the world’s first banking system that controls spending, eliminates debt, and creates a healthy financial environment just by using the app. Use Qube Money to save for your Adoption and Fertility procedure and then change it to a spending Qube and begin spending the money with intention.

Charlie, The Money Saving Prodigy Penguin

Sign up FREE for Charlie a money-saving prodigy penguin. Charlie can help scour your spending habits to see where you can save money, which can help you save money towards adoption or fertility. Charlie will text you if he finds a duplicate charge or one where you can save money.

Family Emergency Binder

I really like this Family Emergency Binder to help families stay organized particularly during the home study phase and then after adoption is final.

Flea Market Flipper

As you search for ways to find money for adoption, look no further than your own garage or attic. Flee Market Flippers have a Flipper University that can teach you on how to sell what you have and flip it to make money.