Overcoming Financial Obstacles of an International Adoption

By moneylauracoleman | Apr 9, 2019

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-xyai7-ad6cb9 Listen to the podcast on link above. Join Laura Coleman at Family Money Coaching as she interviews Melody Johnson about how to prepare for an international adoption. Melody shares that adopting internationally is a huge financial, emotional, and time investment, but that it is worth it when you hold that child in your arms.… Read More

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The 5 Love Languages Affects Our Money with guest Devon Baeza

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 19, 2019

Strengthen your marriage during adoption and fertility using the 5 Love Languages from this week’s podcast.

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of an Adoption Scam with Guest Ashley Aubin

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 5, 2019

How do you recover from an adoption scam after losing $10,000?

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20 Adoption Tax Questions Answered by Daniel Peterson, CPA

By moneylauracoleman | Jan 31, 2019

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-v8i4u-a650b5 When we adopted all 3 of our kids, we had so many questions about the adoption tax credit. In today’s episode, I tracked down our accountant, Daniel Peterson, CPA, before his busy season started and I asked him 20 Questions About Adoption. He even gave me some bonus material at the end. Be sure to… Read More

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Take Advantage of the Health Savings Account During Fertility podcast episode

By moneylauracoleman | Jan 3, 2019

When money leaves my hands, I want to know that it’s had a purpose. Did I use every financial trick to my advantage or did I just blow it into the wind? When it comes to fertility, there are so many emotions attached to this money. It’s nice to know that you’ve spent some time logically making this decision. Before you spend your money, be sure you’ve taken advantage of all tax benefits, discount programs, and your health savings account.

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Review of You Are a Bad*** at Making Money with Guest Devon Baeza podcast

By moneylauracoleman | Dec 22, 2018

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-adhzs-a29219 Guest, Devon Baeza and Host, Laura Coleman discuss the book You Are A Bad*** At Making Money by Jen Sincero. How can our thoughts, money stories, and a Money Journal help us reach our financial goal for preparing for adoption and fertility? Finally, learn how to pronounce Devon’s last name.

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Book Review of Jen Sincero’s You Are a Bad*** At Making Money

By moneylauracoleman | Dec 17, 2018

This article may contain affiliate links, but each link has the Saver/Security Money Personality pledge. I only recommend if my Saver/Security Money Personality would actually buy it. Money earned from affiliate links helps us to continue with our mission of preparing couples financially for adoption/fertility.  I’ve teamed up with Devon Baeza, a fertility financial coach,… Read More

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5 Techniques for Better Money Conversations

By moneylauracoleman | Dec 10, 2018

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z4x9t-a1803d Adopting and going through fertility is stressful enough and then we add the money equation to the mix. Studies show that the wounds from money-related arguments can feel more painful than other types of arguments. Join Family Money Coaching as we teach you the 5 Techniques for Better Money Conversations from the Love &… Read More

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