How To Recover From Financial Mistakes

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 9, 2020

We all make financial mistakes. On today’s episode of The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show, your host Laura Coleman admits to a recent financial mistake. Learn what thoughts you need to have to help you overcome those mistakes and what conversation do you need to have during your Money Date, so that mistake doesn’t occur again.

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How To Avoid Squirrel Moments With Your Money

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 2, 2020

Squirrel moments are those things that distract us from what we truly want, but they are so shiny and alluring that we forget what our reason behind our goal. Laura provides some tips on how you can avoid those squirrel moments that delay your goals.

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How Do You Chase Happiness When Your Life Sucks?

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 24, 2020

Sometimes your journey to being a forever family feels long! Sometimes things don’t go as planned! You will love listening to Lisa Norman today on The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show about how to keep your mindset healthy as you chase your dreams.

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Tips On Teaching Kids About Money

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 17, 2020

How do you teach a three year old about money? What about a newly adopted pre-teen? Stephanie Pyke from MoneyLit talks with Laura Coleman on The Adoption and Fertility Finance Show about how to teach children about human capital.

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Balancing Your Retirement With Your Needs Of Today

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 10, 2020

Michelle and Laura share ideas about how to use money dates to realign priorities and goals with your partner. Whether you choose quarterly or annual money dates, remember to keep checking in with each other regularly to be sure that your finances are aligned with your values.

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Steps to set up a business to raise money for Adoption or Fertility

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 3, 2020

We want to make enough money to have a debt-free adoption or fertility procedure. So, if you are making more than $3,000, you’ll want to be able to take advantage of tax deductions and change it from a hobby business to a for-profit business.

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How To Obtain The Motivation To Raise Money For Adoption

By moneylauracoleman | Jan 27, 2020

We did a poll and discovered that members of the group wanted to hear about how to be motivated during the journey to raise money. Laura Coleman provides 6 steps that you can do to overcome discouragement and provide you the motivation you need to raise the money for adoption.

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How One Adoptive Couple Paid for Adoption using MetLife Legal and their 401(k)

By moneylauracoleman | Jan 20, 2020

After talking about maybe adopting someday, Yvonne was presented with a chance to adopt a family member’s child. Because of the timeline, she and her husband needed to come up with the money quickly. Yvonne was able to take out a loan from her 401k to fund her adoption, a choice that comes with a lot of conditions. She talks about how she saved money on lawyers and adoption agencies, which are expenses you may not realize that you can shop around for.

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Insurance Isn’t Boring, It’s Crucial

By moneylauracoleman | Dec 21, 2019

Dragging your feet can cost you a lot of money. Insurance agent Rebecca Palmer talks with Laura Coleman on the Adoption and Fertility Finance Show about the importance of adequate insurance before it’s too late for your family.

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