The Greatest Obstacle to Adoption

By Family Money Coaching | Dec 3, 2019

It’s one thing to read about ways to Decrease Expenses and another to execute it. You may have had good intentions before. Let’s change your mindset about the mistakes you’ve made. I want you to think about what it will feel like when the judge says, “This child is officially yours.” or When the doctor says, “It’s a girl.” That is the reason for you decreasing expenses. That is what should motivate you to change your spending habits.

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How To Protect The Financial Future of Special Needs Children

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 26, 2019

Laura and Melissa discuss how a special needs trust protects the Social Security eligibility of the special needs child. They talk about some of the unique circumstances that must be addressed when providing for a child’s lifetime medical needs, and how important it is for parents to have this conversation before it’s too late.

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Follow the Orange Backpack to Disney for Adoption

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 25, 2019

Welcome back to Season 2 of the ​Adoption and Fertility Finance Show! Laura Coleman continues to explore the intersection of finances and adoption and fertility with an emphasis on building strong… Read More

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HSA Hacking for Adoption and Fertility- Season 2

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 22, 2019

Laura Coleman from​ ​ Family Money Coaching ​ and Mark Parrett from​ ​ Outpost Advisors ​ and Abraham’s Wallet ​talk about the triple tax-advantages of the Health Savings Account (HSA) on the ​Adoption and Fertility Finance Show ​ today. Mark is a fee-only financial advisor registered in Utah and Ohio, and he writes about how to run your home and dough like a Biblical boss.

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Charlie The Penguin Can Help Save You Money for Adoption

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 19, 2019

Use Charlie The Penguin to help you save money for Adoption or Fertility.

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Financial Planning Is Not About Money Season 2

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 15, 2019

Matt Doran, a certified fee-only financial planner from ​Sage Wealth Plans ​ talks with Laura Coleman on the ​Adoption and Fertility Finance Show ​ about the importance of saving for today and tomorrow, and how to spend with intention on the things you want the most.

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Book Review of Jen Sincero’s You Are a Bad*** At Making Money

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 14, 2019

This article may contain affiliate links, but each link has the Saver/Security Money Personality pledge. I only recommend if my Saver/Security Money Personality would actually buy it. I’ve teamed up… Read More

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Using Your HSA for Fertility Costs

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 11, 2019

When money leaves my hands, I want to know that it’s had a purpose. Did I use every financial trick to my advantage or did I just blow it into the wind? When it comes to fertility, there are so many emotions attached to this money. It’s nice to know that you’ve spent some time logically making this decision. Before you spend your money, be sure you’ve taken advantage of all tax benefits, discount programs, and your health savings account.

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Family Emergency Binder for Adoption

By Family Money Coaching | Nov 6, 2019

Keeping organized for adoption is key to eliminating stress. The Family Emergency Binder is key to keeping all financial, medical, and personal information for adoption in one place.

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