Should I Borrow From My 401(k) To Pay For Adoption/Fertility?

By moneylauracoleman | Oct 17, 2018

  “You’ll need $17,500 for the full IVF cycle.” I remember the doctor saying this as we sat in his office discussing our options. We struggled with male infertility, which according to our doctor wasn’t uncommon. 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility and 50% of them are male infertility. I don’t know if that… Read More

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Every Journey Begins With Your Own

By moneylauracoleman | Oct 16, 2018 I always dreamed of being a wife and a mother. When someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered, “A Mom”. I got married at 34 and after an unsuccessful year, discovered that we had fertility issues. In this episode, I discuss my own journey towards adopting our… Read More

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Hope4One Ministries Lauren Haun and Their Give One Save One Adoption Campaign

By moneylauracoleman | Oct 16, 2018 Lauren Haun adopted 3 children from China. She helped start the Hope4One Ministry that assists Foster and Adoptive families through providing a clothes closet, support group, and an adoption fund. On this episode she talks about her adoption story, the challenges that they have faced, and what led her to Hope4One Ministries. Lauren shows… Read More

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Fostering a child can change BOTH your lives.

By moneylauracoleman | Oct 4, 2018

In 2015 my husband and I found out that our daughter was going to have a biological sister. The mother kept testing positive for drugs during her pregnancy and we believed that DCS would take the baby. We started Path classes to become certified to be a foster home. We left messages for the caseworker… Read More

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Being A Foster Parent

By moneylauracoleman | Oct 1, 2018

When I first approached my husband about fostering, his response was, “NO!”. There was no wishy-washy coming from him. I asked him what he was afraid of and his response was,”falling in love with them and sending them back to their birth parents.” Why are we so afraid of loving someone that needs to be… Read More

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Podcast with Hope4One’s Lauren Haun

By moneylauracoleman | Sep 14, 2018

In July I invited my neighbor Courtney over to swim. While our kids swam, I was able to catch up with her and we talked about what we’ve been doing. She’s always been so encouraging of us adopting our kids. I think it’s important to surround yourself with good people and she’s one of them.… Read More

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How To Use The IRS Withholding Calculator to FIND Money

By moneylauracoleman | Sep 12, 2018

I’m in love with calculators. There’s something satisfying with someone else calculating some numbers and coming up with the answer. You have to understand that I hated math in high school. If it wasn’t for the super cute teacher that looked like Superman, I probably would have hated it even more. That’s why it’s so… Read More

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10 Steps For Your Adoption/Fertility Goal

By moneylauracoleman | Sep 4, 2018

This week I was driving kids to school and I heard the following conversation. My 6 year old, “Mommy, this morning we saw a deer.” “A REINDEER!!!” My 4 year old says. “No,” his sister say, “They aren’t real.” “Yes, they are,” I interject. “Can they fly?”, she wanted to know. “Nope”, I reply. “Is… Read More

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Love Is A VERB

By moneylauracoleman | Aug 28, 2018

A verb requires ACTION. To love someone requires you to DO something about it. It’s not butterflies or giddy feelings, although it might start off like that. My grandparents were a perfect example of love for me. I remember my grandma sitting on my grandpa’s lap and calling him “Buddy” and giving him a kiss… Read More

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