Planning for Expenses Using Sub-Accounts

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 29, 2017

Surprise of all surprises, the toolbar light came on in the car. The mechanic looked it over and said, “You are due for new belts, hoses, spark plugs, and an oil change. That’ll be $972.” My heart skipped a little beat. I paused, thinking about the money that we have saved in our sub-account marked… Read More

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Finding Peace after Job Loss

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 6, 2017

Recently I’ve come to greatly appreciate our Multiple Sources Of Income, our savings, no debt, and a stocked pantry. Thursday, my husband came home to inform me that his employment had ended because the company was struggling due to the loss of some key clients. I thought I would react differently. I was calm and… Read More

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Multiple Sources Of Income-Housing

By moneylauracoleman | Jun 5, 2017

I remember as a little girl going to the circus. It was so exciting to see amazing feats performed by trained professionals. I thrilled to see the acrobats high up in the sky on the high wire. My stomach would drop as I saw them flip in the air and grasp the bar swinging towards… Read More

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Multiple Sources Of Income-Airbnb

By moneylauracoleman | May 15, 2017

Imagine yourself on a 30 story building with two elevators. One elevator has a really thick cable and the other has 10 small cables. Between the two elevators is a sign that says: Caution-We are aware that one of the cables is weak and will break. Please choose wisely.┬áSo, which elevator will you choose? Why… Read More

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And My Father Dwelt In A Tent

By moneylauracoleman | Apr 24, 2017

When I lived in college I lived in apartment with six girls and I paid $115 a month in rent. It was a really cheap apartment. But as a college student making $7.50 an hour for 15 to 20 hours a week, it was what I could afford. The thing that is amazing to me… Read More

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Laugh Your Way To The Bank

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 30, 2017

In the last two days, I’ve saved almost $100 a month just by calling and talking to sales people. About 3 years ago we had 6 inches of snow that collapsed our back porch. The insurance company dropped our policy and we were forced to find a high risk insurance company. Our home insurance quadrupled.… Read More

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Using an Accountant to Help You

By moneylauracoleman | Mar 27, 2017

It’s almost tax time. It’s creeping up awfully fast. Even though I’m a money person, I don’t do taxes. I hire an accountant to work up the numbers and then I review. It makes me happy not having to worry about multi-state returns, rental house, K-1’s, self employment taxes, and adoption credits. I fill out… Read More

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Budgeting Is A Swear Word

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 26, 2017

I was asked to be on an expert panel for the Family Resource Agency Parent Training meeting. They asked me to speak on Budgeting. I know that’s a familiar word that most people use, but I hate that word. I prefer Spending Plan. I like to know that I can spend money, as long as… Read More

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Practice What You Preach

By moneylauracoleman | Feb 11, 2017

This last week I told my husband that we needed to practice some self control for the next 45 days. That means no “extra” shopping on Amazon or “I want” purchases. We were going to focus on the “needs”. So, fast forward 3 days. I was out with the kids and I thought, I don’t… Read More

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